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326 Southland Drive | Lexington, KY

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The sound of a great band is usually developed through the relationships the members have with one another as much as their technical abilities. This is certainly the case with NewTown, which features the first-rate vocal and instrumental work of five of the finest musicians in Bluegrass, who share a bond that combines individual virtuosity with a background of formal training. 

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, and fronted by award-winning vocalist/fiddler Kati Penn Williams and her singer/banjo-picker husband, Jr. Williams, NewTown is one of the most exciting acts in contemporary Bluegrass. The band was formed in 2009 when Jr. left Bluegrass band NewFound Road to play full-time with his wife in what would become NewTown. Since then, the group has gained a strong following by playing at festivals throughout the U.S., sharing bills with such acts as Rhonda Vincent & the Rage and Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. NewTown has appeared several times at the legendary Station Inn in Nashville, and has performed twice at showcases at the IBMA’s World of Bluegrass in Raleigh, North Carolina. The ensemble has also opened shows for the John Cowan Band, whose namesake leader says on NewTown’s website, “Bands like NewTown are not by any means common; they're not made everyday. It takes sweat equity, passion, patience and vision.” 


    ATTEMPT is the recording project of Trevor Tremaine. Tremaine is known as the drummer for noise band Hair Police, as the proprietor of the now-defunct micro-edition cassette label Rampart Tapes, as a co-founder of the surrealist Resonant Hole collective, as the conductor of avant-folk combo Eyes & Arms of Smoke, or as a sideman with a strange and diverse resume (Burning Star Core, Warmer Milks, Matt Duncan, Death Unit, Silverware, and Thurston Moore’s Aktion Unit). 


    "The first great album of 2017."-James Toth, Wooden Wand 

    "Heavy rotation on my player, a new fave... Delighted with all the ideas, melodies and adventurous chords..." - R. Stevie Moore, Godfather of DIY 

    "ATTEMPT is like listening into the future of underground music: 10cc plus Steely Dan playing jazz fusion on a peyote trip." - Robert Schneider, The Apples in Stereo 

    "Upon first glance, ATTEMPT's Personal Fables may seem like a lost yacht rock masterpiece from 1978--a cross between breezy SoCal harmonic pop and supple studio trickery. Listen closer, and this is a satin-draped uncanny valley, a clever evocation of all the plush pleasures of '70s soft-rock but it's just as likely to disturb as delight." - Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Senior Editor at Allmusic.com

      Joslyn and The Sweet Compression

      Joslyn Hampton and her band, The Sweet Compression, combine to deliver a hook-filled mix of funk and R&B-flavored pop, in a series of single releases throughout 2017. The powerhouse vocalist, joined by veterans (guitarist Marty Charters, bassist Smith Donaldson, and saxophonist Joe Carucci) and exciting young talent (Rashawn Fleming on drums, Steve Holloman on keyboards, Jeffrey Doll on trumpet, and Rae'Shawna Campbell on backing vocals), will be supporting the releases with live shows throughout the year.

      KY Hoss Cats

      The Kentucky Hoss Cats formed in 2012 when several Kentucky-based musicians decided to finally do something about their collective long-standing deep devotion(s) to old school honky tonk music. The band initially formed to pay homage to Hank, Sr., Bob Wills, Merle Haggard, Roger Miller, and other country music greats, playing popular weekly four hour sets of honky tonk classics and deep tracks. Over the past two years, the band has found its own voice and has written more than an album’s worth of new honky tonk originals which will be featured during current live shows along several nods to the juke joint forebearers.

        The Recipe for Gamma Rays              

        The Recipe for Gamma Rays, a four-piece band from Lexington, Kentucky, is the wayward offspring of the keyboard and drums duo, Wol and Weeps, formed by Jim Shaw and Dave Cobb in 2011. After recruiting Mike Joyner on drums and Blake Cox on bass, the group now emits a frenetic blend of pseudo-euphonic vocal melodies over fuzzy synthesizers, jittering guitar, and girthy bass. Interwoven with cosmic electronic sound interludes, their songs run the emotional gamut from dystopian absurdity to melancholy mania.


        Coleslaw is a 5-piece instrumental band that came together through a mutual love of jazz, funk, and soul, as well as many other influences. The band centers around two unique and powerful voices (Jacob O'Donnell, Kirby Davis-Saxophones) stating strong melodies and exploring a vast harmonic realm overtop hard grooves laid down by a powerhouse rhythm section (Nolan Brelsford-Guitar, Simon Long-Bass, James Gooding-Drums). As one of only a handful of funk acts based in Lexington, and perhaps the youngest of that demographic, Coleslaw and it's ambitious musical exploration are bringing something original and exciting to the Lexington music scene.

        The Forthlins

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