SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8th, 2018 at Oleika Temple Great Lawn

326 Southland Drive | Lexington, KY


The Ford Theatre Reunion

This "neo-carnival rock n' roll group, based out of Lexington, KY produce a sound that harkens back to a by-gone era of gypsy caravans and rail-riding hobos. This, married with blistering progressive rock technicality and heavy punk, is all brought together under multiple vocalists that are a study of compliment and contrast. It all manifests as an auditory spectacle that is both well-timed and well-executed. The result is compellingly jarring, featuring narrative lyrics and theatrically-matched music all wrapped up in a deliriously raucous stage show. FTR feverishly pulls you to your feet and drives you to dance, thrash, and shout.."

    Leaden Verse

    Borrowing its name from the Ginsberg poem “Howl,” Leaden Verse is a solo experiment by Jim Shaw of The Recipe for Gamma Rays (Lexington). Wearing a vocoder mask and homemade LED goggles that light up with his vocals, he bashes out sometimes-rhythmic drum beats together with ferocious, sequenced bass-waves, industrial arpeggios, and soaring synth leads. Surrounded by pulsing lights and fog, Leaden Verse brings you melodious tunes of a grim personal future. (WARNING: attendees with light-sensitivity issues should proceed with caution.)

    Big Fresh

    Kentucky-based Big Fresh, has undergone a few lineup changes before arriving at its current incarnation. After nearly a decade of writing, performing, recording, touring, and repeating it all, the group has become recognized as one of Lexington’s premier acts. This ten-member ensemble features members of such groups as Club Dub, The Apples in Stereo, Bear Medicine, Satellite Giant, Eggstone, Candy Claws, and many more. Having been described as prog-pop-soul, hippie-psych, jazzy-pop, etc., Big Fresh’s sound is anything but boring; it keeps the audience on their toes, eager to hear what will happen next. Dancing, harmonies, horns, keys, antics, slips, falls, guitar, drum, and bass – they will not disappoint.

    Big Maracas

    The Big Maracas play musica latina. A few years back, Venezuelan ex-patriot Enrique Gonzalez got together with a few friends to have a little fun, and since that time the Big Maracas have grown to incorporate more band members, a multitude of styles, and a great deal of fun! The Maracas delve into many branches of Latin and Tropical music, being particularly fond of the great Cuban traditions and Brazilian samba, but that's only the beginning. Too self-conscious to dance? Perhaps not when you make it to a Maracas show... Que bueno baila usted!

    Western Movies

    Western Movies, the song-writing/recording project from Chris Sullivan, is a travelogue of organic, musical styles ranging from surf pop and old-school lounge to exotica twang, instrumental film music, and cinematic, acoustic folk-blues.

    - Photo Andrew Brinkorst

    Fabled Canelands

    “…Fabled Canelands fits together like a tapestry. Song edges overlap and bleed, offer moments of fulfillment and emptiness, and trace out a past that continues to exist at our own margins. It’s new, it’s old, it’s ambitious, and it just so happens to be quite good." -- North Of Center -- Front-man, Warren Byrom, couples primarily acoustic melodies and steady rhythms with the occasional pedal-steel, key, or trumpet parts to convey his purely Kentuckian breed of music. Referencing local landmarks, bodies of water, and surrounding cities, Fabled Canelands bring a sound that feels like home.

    The Local Honeys

    The Local Honeys are comprised of Linda Jean Stokley and Montana Hobbs. Stokley from the rolling hills of the Bluegrass, learned her love of singing and playing from her mama, who exposed her to a wide array of music throughout childhood, and encouraged her to keep playing and writing. Her music is her solace. Hobbs, from the foothills of the Appalachian region, also gained her love of music from her family – her older brother shared a spectrum of sounds from the grungy acts of the ‘90s, to the heartland picking and singing of John Prine, which piqued her interest in songwriting. The two have dedicated themselves to the preservation of old music and the creation of new music.

    Doc Feldman & the Alt Cntry Delete

    Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, Doc Feldman is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist interested in exploring the darker sides of folk music. Unafraid of incorporating distortion, weird field recordings, and other noise experimentation, Doc's debut album Sundowning at the Station feels rooted in traditional forms of American music, yet totally new. ALT+CNTRY+DEL (Alt Country Delete) is a subversive cosmic Americana band from Lexington, Kentucky.

    Ethos Jazz Quintet

    Ethos Jazz Quintet, Lee Carroll's latest project combines the wisdom of experience with the fire of youth. Tripp Bratton (C The Beat, March Madness Marching Band) and Ibu Diop from Senegal on drums, Thomas Usher (C The Beat, DAD, Blind Corn Liquor Pickers) on upright and electric basses and Jonathan Barrett (C The Beat) on saxes. From Bluenote classics re-interpreted and second line funk to searing original compositions, you won't be able to stay in your seat. This is serious funky jazz at its most joyful and celebratory. They regularly pack the house at Lexington's Crēaux jazz club, it's as close to NOLA's Frenchman Street music Mecca as you'll find north of the French Quarter. Gumbo, cocktails and hot jazz.

    People Planet

    Daisy Helmuth, Madeline Farrar, Charlie Overman, and Jack Quinn - "just a few rock and roll kids" from Lexington - make up People Planet. When the band mates are not out dog-whispering or in sleeping, they are likely holding their instruments and holding their own. Frequenting the Lexington all-ages circuit like true weekend warriors, People Planet have taken stage at venues such as Lynagh's, Al's Bar, and Willie's Locally Known, and Moontower Music Festival. This band carries the torch of Lexington's music scene for a fresh, ready-to-rock generation.

    Everyone Lives Everyone Wins

    Based in Lexington, the members of ELEW have been "bringing the power of the positive drone since 2007. Heavy and Heady sounds from the Concentric Drone Cult. Ride the wave at the forefront of history. The time is now. Tune in, turn on, DRONE OUT" - Bandcamp

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